Understanding Bipolar Disorder

You should have heard of bipolar disorder before. It has been mentioned in literature and in TV shows often enough. But do you understand what this disorder is all about? Do you know what is involved with this sort of mental problem?

What is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder that involves depression and being high to the point of mania, because of that it is also known as manic depression. But that would be pointing a simplistic picture of the disorder. In reality, it is a very complex mental disorder that is not very easy to understand or treat.

The Two Sides of the Coin

Being depressed is the most common condition of someone suffering from bipolar disorder. It can last longer, but when the manic period of the person starts it can be a mix of emotions involving being easily irritated and anger. Sometimes a person might feel intensely elated and that can show by being promiscuous or by spending a great deal.

Origins of the Disorder

The disorder normally starts in early adulthood, but there have been cases where children developed bipolar disorder. The sad part is that misdiagnosis is a very common occurrence. Some experts might mistake the symptoms of bipolar disorder in children as signs of ADHD to borderline personality disorder. Hereditary factors play a significant role in the development of the disorder but life events can also play a major role.

Treatment of Bipolar Disorder

The depression caused by bipolar disorder is very difficult to treat but the other symptoms can respond well to medications and other forms of treatment. Psychotherapy for example is a major ingredient in curing the issue. The frequent changes in mood can be prevented and be totally controlled with the use of drugs but the effects are not consistent and would vary greatly from patient to patient.

Handling Bipolar Disorder

If you have bipolar disorder or if you have a loved one who does then it is important that you handle it in the right way. It is possible to live with this disorder and get well. Here are some ideas that you can use on how you can deal with this kind of issue.

The first thing that you have to do is research this disorder. Find out as much as you can about it. What are the possible cures and how it can be prevented from getting worse. If you don’t do the research then you might not be able to do the necessary things. Make sure that you encourage your loved one to seek professional help. It is possible to triumph over bipolar disorder but with the help of a professional that would be next to impossible. Don’t wait and see if the person will get better without outside help.

Finally you should learn to be understanding and patient. When you do research on the disorder you would see how difficult it is to live with it. That is why you should be more patient with how you treat your loved one.