How to Quit Smoking

It is not easy for a smoker to quit the habit. Any smoker who has tried doing so can tell you that. That’s because smoking is just like any other addiction. Your body becomes dependent on a certain substance and that makes it difficult to stop taking the material that is the source of that substance. In the case of smoking, nicotine is the material that makes it addictive. The challenge of the smoker who wants to quit is how to stop being dependent on nicotine.

It might not be easy to quit smoking but it is doable. Here are some tips that you can use in order to stop from this habit altogether.

Avoid Smoking Triggers

One of the first things that you need to learn when you want to quit smoking is how to avoid smoking triggers. These are the situations where you are drawn to smoke again. One example of smoking trigger is alcohol. That means some people are drawn to smoke when they are drinking alcoholic drinks. You can stay away from drinking or you can drink in no smoking places only.

Another common smoking trigger are other people who are smoking. The best way to avoid that sort of trigger is to stay away from the company of smokers. Try hanging out with those who are conscious about their health for a change.

Nicotine Withdrawal

The biggest hurdle that you would have to overcome when you want to quit smoking is nicotine withdrawal. These are the physical effects that your body will go through because of the lack of nicotine intake. It can range from irritability to tremors. The best way to deal with these withdrawal symptoms is to remember that it will not last. All those physical symptoms re temporary and in the meantime you would just have to endure. Just tell the people around you that you might seem irritable or unpleasant during the period.

Distract Yourself

A good way of handling your craving to smoke is to distract yourself whenever you feel that you would like to smoke. Try some new hobby that you are really interested in. The more that you become immersed on an activity the lesser the chance that your mind would be occupied with smoking or craving for a smoke.

It is also important that you remind yourself as to why you are quitting constantly. That would give you the motivation to go on with what you are doing even if you are having a hard time. It could be because of your health or your family. The support of the people around you would be very crucial at this stage. They can help you and inspire when you are feeling down. Their support can be crucial in the success of your efforts to quit.

Remember to give some reward to yourself when you have met with some moderate level of success with your efforts. That can also serve as a strong motivation for you to go on with your efforts.

These are just a few ideas that you can use when you want to quit smoking.